Innovation by Vivolab

Vivolab® keeps a innovative mindset moving forward. We look at current benchmark products and try to innovate new products that makes life easy for parents. Keeping your child safe and healthy is the most stressing concern a parent has today. We develop our products with that in mind and at the same time making it ultraconvenient.

Meet our latest innovation Breease® below.

New innovations by Vivolab.
Breease logo

A brand New Innovation. Viruses, combustions fumes, mold and other unhealthy particles fill the surrounding air in our environment. As an adult it’s easier to protect yourself against air pollution, for a child it could be nearly impossible. If your child breathes polluted air for a prolonged period of time the risk of disease is obvious. Breease® makes breathing clean air easy.

Breease illustration of use, pacifier and filterpod.

How Does it Work?

The purifier. An exchangeable filterpod that cleans the air from dust, fumes, viruses, mold and other small particles.

The pacifier. A breathe-through pacifier.

Change the pod once a day and you are good to go.