Radical redesign for recyclable, renewable, carbon neutral products

Can redesigning a pacifier be a radical act? It is, when you go back to the drawing board to improve user experience with frugal innovation, meaning smarter function and smarter use of materials to increase affordability and shrink carbon impact. Our pioneering construction with a breathe-through passage and with the entire pacifier being made of 100% medical grade polypropylene – disrupts a pacifier design that’s been accepted for over 50 years. The safety tests and paperwork to make these changes are rightly formidable. Why did we persist? Because we don’t think caregivers should have to choose between function, safety and climate impact.

Safety beyond standard
All material and components are made of medical grade USP 6 and adhere to all the same standards of safety as conventional pacifiers, but also go beyond. We have completely eliminated the allergen latex that’s used in virtually all pacifiers – and especially those made from natural rubber.

World’s most recyclable pacifier
Unlike conventional pacifiers, that are made of polypropene mixed with other materials including latex and silicone, Breease pacifiers and filters are made from 100% pure medical grade polypropylene that is 100% recyclable. And since MiniMist and MiniLiquid function mechanically, they don’t contain electrical parts that make recycling harder.

Biobased to be even better
We’re forging brand new sourcing paths to use 100% renewable, biobased materials that are locally sourced and produced in Sweden. To achieve carbon neutrality in 2023 all of our products will be made from 100% renewable and biobased materials in local production, and we’ll invest carbon negative technologies.

• 100% recyclable pure medical grade
   polypropylene pellets made in Sweden
• Phasing in biobased material during 2022
   – 100% biobased by 2023
• Recyclable packaging produced in Denmark
   and Sweden
• Carbon footprint of Breease now vs.
   conventional pacifier vs. biobased Breease

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