Vivolab designs, manufactures and markets medtech with children in mind.

Vivolab aim to bring future health to the youth of today, giving everybody access to a healthy life from birth.

Breease - Clean air for kids
New innovations by Vivolab.

Breease - A brand new innovation.

A breathe-through pacifier with an exchangeable filterpod. The filterpod cleans the air from dust, fumes, viruses, mold and other small particles.

Stay safe and grow up healthy.

Made in Sweden

Breease was designed, manufactured and validated in Sweden using Swedish suppliers solely. 

100% recyclable. Highest quality. Super safe materials. All tested and approved according to medical grade standard.

No other pacifier comes close in functionality.

Vivolab - Quality. Safety. Reliability.

Vivolab is working with medical professionals, engineers and designers. We have created a personal air purifier system for kids.

To grow up healthy and well, we all need clean air. It starts with the youngest in every generation.